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At CES Newstar Inc., our business is to help you stay successful with yours. Our priority is to deliver the safest, most reliable transportation and logistics services in the market. And our capabilities are second to none. Contact us today to find out more.

Name: Tim Parkinson 
Title: RCL
Phone: 916-773-7110   x101
Fax: 916-773-7137
E-Mail: tim.parkinson@landstarmail.com


Name: Kevin McCarthy 
Title: RCN
Phone: 916-773-7100   x201
Fax: 877-805-6547
Web site: http://landstar-rcl.com/
E-Mail: kevin.mccarthy@landstarmail.com

East Coast Operations Manager

Name: Michelle Guth 
Title: RCL
Phone: 916-773-7110   x102
Fax: 916-773-7137
E-Mail: michelle.guth@landstarmail.com

Sales and Operations

Name: Amy Galkin 
Title: RCJ
Phone: 916-742-1106
E-Mail: amy.galkin@landstarmail.com

Dispatcher and master computer minipulator

Name: Alain Badarou 
Title: SAQ
Phone: 916-742-1108
E-Mail: alain.badarou@landstarmail.com


Name: Mario Sandoval 
Title: RCJ
Phone: 916-773-7110   x104
E-Mail: mario.sandoval@landstarmail.com


Name: David Katz 
Title: SAQ
Phone: 915 773-7110   x103
Fax: 915 773-7137
Mobile: 916-677-6826
Web site: http://landstar-rcl.com
E-Mail: david.katz@landstarmail.com

Heavy Haul / Over Dimensional Specialist

Name: Calvin 1-Sachs 
Title: RCL
Phone: 916 773-7110   x105
Fax: 916 773-7137
Mobile: 916-300-1515
Web site: http://landstar-rcl.com
E-Mail: calvin.sachs@landstarmail.com

Agency Manager